About UMW Media

Since 2010, UMW is working for major design companies, advertising agencies and communications consultancies, decided it was time to work the way they wanted to work and to offer the kind of service their clients had always asked for.

We have expertise and have worked on multiple platforms; Magento & Woocommerce for e-commerce and WordPress CMS for corporate websites.

We love working with our clients to get the perfect outcome, Whether you're a start-up business or an internationally recognized brand, we work with you to achieve the results you desire and more. Branding Logo, Website design, ecommerce websites, digital marketing, we hold extensive knowledge so you can carry on running your business, whilst we perfect your online look and results.


If you would like to discuss any IT services please call our Sales Team on 021-35897959 | 0334-0245951

Recent Website Design & Development Projects

We are a collective of professional graphic and website designers with passion and expertise to burn.


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